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How to make a bead...



Here is my little station, nothing fancy, just a basic little set up on my screened in porch. I have a beautiful view of the city lights at night.













To make a happy bead (Bob Ross for Beads) I start with a long glass rod and slowly begin to heat the rod over the torch. If I heat it too fast the glass will explode; too slow and well it's slow and it won't melt properly. The bead size is determined by how much glass I heat into a ball on the end of the long stick of glass. 















Once I have all of the glass I want I take a long stainless steel wand (mandrel) that is covered in a special bead release (so the glass will not stick to the mandrel) and preheat the mandrel so the glass will adhere to the mandrel.















  I then slowly begin to wind the glass over the mandrel.















I then rotate the mandrel and use gravity and a variety of tools to shape the beads into it's desired shape. 















This is a tungsten rake which is commonly used to alter designs on the surface of a bead. I am using it to add a feather look to the surface of the bead.















Here I am further shaping the bead.















This is our final bead. 

















Once the bead is finished shaping I place it in a bead blanket until it is cooled. I then soak the mandrels in water and remove the bead from the mandrel and  thoroughly clean the bead release out of the hole. I then kiln anneal my beads to ensure lasting strength and durability.


And get started on the next one....