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Welcome to my refuge and little slice of utopia. I started "blowing" glass beads and making small glass sculptures about 10 years ago. Lampworking is the technical term and was named such because of the oil lamps that early artisans used to meticulously melt the glass into their desired shapes. Telling people I am a "Lampworker" usually leads to questions about what kind of lamps I make. So, I started using the term lampworking and glass blowing interchangeably to help people know that I make each bead individually out of glass. Plus, it will keep me from having to learn how to make lamps.
























I started lampworking for a few reasons. The first is I was making jewelry and saw these beautiful, awesome beads  and had to learn how to make them. Plus it really fit into my need for a creative outlet. All of the beads and pieces are absolute one of a kind originals. In this day of mass production it is so incredible to know that you have something that is absolutely one of a kind and I love making them for my friends and family as my health allows.


As soon as I started my torch I quickly realized that it was a lot harder than it looked and I was extremely successful in making lumps of absolute disasters and getting melting glass everywhere including my hands. Even though I was making nothing but perfect globs of disaster, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do the minute I lit my torch, so I persevered and made more lumps of disaster. It took me a while before I started to make anything I didn't have to hide immediately. I am completely self taught and have not had any formal classes. 


A lot of people ask how long it usually takes to make a bead; it really depends on what you are making. A small spacer bead can take as few as 5 minutes. A large focal bead that goes in the center of your jewelry piece can take anywhere from 30 minutes to hours, depending on the intricacies of the piece. 


Bugaboo Beads gained its name because my husband calls me Bugaboo. My old friend, Webster's Dictionary, calls it a mischievous monster or goblin.


Sit back and relax and have a look around.